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Water Testing

Aqua Wise can test water NATA Accredited

a NATA Accredited water test for $280.00

Send us 500 ml of water and we can arrange it to be comprehensively tested, send 500 ml in a clean spring water bottle, or pick up a bottle from us! 

Then send the sample to Aqua Wise PO box 1237 Noosa heads 4567. 

Why perform water analysis? The single most important substance on earth is water. Water plays a crucial role in transporting essential nutrients in plants and animals. Knowledge of water quality is essential for wise economic management of primary production land, control of corrosion in pumping & storage equipment, as well as for the health & well-being of livestock and humans.


Water Testing

It is vitally important that water is sampled and preserved correctly in order to ensure analysis results accurately reflect the in-situ parameters (analytes and physical water properties) that you are trying to measure and base decisions on.

Aqua Wise Services is NATA Accredited for the testing and analysis of waters, which include, but are not limited to potable, process, groundwaters, surface waters and wastewaters.

Sampling and Process for Water Testing

For water testing, sampling and preservation information is fully outlined in AS/NZS 5667 as well as other sources, such as the American Public Health Association (APHA) ‘Standard Methods for the examination of water and wastewater.’ Generally, samples are best kept refrigerated and should be received at the laboratory within 24 hours of sampling.

More specific information relating to sampling can be viewed on our specially prepared fact sheet on the recommended preservation and holding times for waters.

Sampling that meets your Unique Testing Requirements and Project Needs

Based on your needs and requirements for scientific testing services, our expert team can advise which analysis may best suite your situation. Our team will provide you with appropriate sample bottles and preservatives (if applicable) for you to collect and then deliver the water sample in. These bottles, along with a completed Chain of Custody form, should be delivered to your nearest Aqua Wise office as soon as possible.

Services provides water testing results for:

Borehole, wells and rainwater tanks

Bottled water

Cooling water

Drinking water


Estuarine and Marine or 'sea' water



Irrigation water

Landfill leachate


Saline water

Stormwater, drain and sewage water.

Surface water

Swimming pool and spas